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4 Hockey Specific Stretches
As the summer begins, it’s important to know some important hockey stretching exercises as you begin your off season training.  By stretching you will reduce muscle soreness and increase your range of motion required in weight training for ice hockey.
Try to stretch for 5-10 minutes before and after each on and off ice session. 
Here are 4 hockey specific stretches to get you started.
Quad stretching will help loosen up legs which become the primary muscle group for skating.
To perform simply bend one leg upwards and grab a hold of the ankle underneath the bum while pulling backward ever so gentle.
You should feel an instant stretch in the quad region upon doing this.
Hip Flexor
Hip flexors are another area of the body that can get quite tight with regular skating practice so make sure to stretch these as well.
To perform get into a lunge position with the knee and feet on the ground and then shift the body weight forward until you feel it pulling in the hip region.
The goal is to feel a gentle pull but not a sharp pain.
Shoulder muscles are used when handling the puck so important to make sure they are loose to properly strengthen.
To perform a shoulder stretch simply cross one arm over the body and then grasp the forearm with the hand of the other arm.  Pull on the crossed arm gently until you feel a slight stretch in the shoulder and then hold for 10-15 seconds.  Switch arms and then repeat.
Spinal Column
In hockey the athlete twists and turns while playing.  This will help increase your flexabilty while reducing risk of injury.
Simply stand upright next to an object that you can hold and then twist to one side, grabbing the object and gently pulling the body so you feel the stretch along the back.
Once finished with one side, twist to the other to work both sides equally.
Make sure you do these daily will adding additional stretches to your workout routine.